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Cost of garri processing machines in nigeria

Cost of garri processing machines in nigeria-cassava into garri making equipment manufacturers

Firstly, next is the description of Doing Company garri processing machines used for different sections:

(1) Cleaning&Washing Section: two accepts are included, Dry Sieve Machine and Paddle Washing Machine. Dry sieve has the ability to avoid sewage disposal according to multiple spiral operation, no need water. Paddle Washing Machine can remove silts and impurities from the surface of cassava.

(2) Peeling and Grinding Sections: 

① Cassava peeling machine will peel and wash the cassava entirely, at the same time do not hurt the cassavas body.

The advantages include:

(a) low material damage

(b) Stable running

(c) Well matched motor configuration

The cost of garri processing machine also influenced by the machines performance.

② Cassava grinding machine is widely used in garri processing industry for grinding cassavas into fine powder, high grinding coefficient and high extraction rate. It is one of excellent products made by Doing Company.

(3) Fermentation Section: Natural fermentation made by yourself.

(4) Concentrating Sections: The purpose made by Hydraulic Press is to remove component moisture and concentrate cassava garri powder by semi-manufactures.

(5) Frying and Drying Section: Garri fryer is widely used in the processing of garri, this is the most important one garri processing machine, it owns automatic temperature control system and frying functions. Garri fryer will greatly improve the garri processing efficiency and reduce the input of manpower, full stainless steel body can guarantee hygiene of garri, no paste. It's worth to say that the garri fryer as the most important one, it's select also a big influce for the cost of garri processing machines. And suggest you don't save investment in the section, after all, this section performance decided the garri products taste and quality.

It's worth to say that if you want to process garri with better flavor and taste, you can add palm oil during frying section, this is no problem for our garri fryer.

To sum up, garri processing machines mainly conclude: Cassava cleaning machine, Paddle washing machine, Cassava peeling machine, Cassava grinding machine, Hydraulic press, Garri frying machine. Single machine or entire garri processing line can be provided by Doing Company as your require. As for the cost of garri processing machines, actually also decided by your select.

Secondly, following is the main factors analysis which influenced the cost of garri processing machines:

1. Capacity: of course the capacity is your requests for final garri products capacity per hour or per day. For another, you also can tell us your requests for raw material handling amount per hour or per day. This is the first aspect you need to consider, and its decided your production scale, also influence the garri processing machines model select, this is the most important factor for the cost of garri processing machines.

2. Production scale: you can understand it as the degree of automation, we can offer you fully automatic control system, can saving manpower, improve your production efficiency largely, also better for garri products quality. You also can choose the semi-automatic one, this also an important factor to decide the cost of garri processing machines.

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