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how to make glucose syrup from cassava

Our company produces corn syrup processing plant technology as follows


1. Flour milling process in cassava processing plant

The broken rice must be cleaned before entering the milling machine to ensure that the broken rice does not contain any purity. Then grind the washed rice into powder. After many times of screening and grinding, the rice flour needed for the preparation of glucose syrup was obtained.

2. Dynamic Pulping Technology in Cassava Syrup Processing Plant

Mix rice flour with water to get rice pulp with appropriate density. Then add amylase, keep a certain temperature, so that rice flour absorbs enough water.

Three. Liquefaction Technology of Cassava Syrup Processing Plant

The liquefaction process is to convert starch in rice flour into liquid dextrin. The material will be sprayed in a high temperature and pressure cooker. With the help of amylase and steam, starch is rapidly converted into liquid dextrin.

4. De-protein Technology of Cassava Flour Syrup Processing Plant

Protein removal process is to separate corn protein and other solid impurities from liquid dextrin by filter press. The liquid dextrin will be pumped to the next step, and zein will be retained for sale. That's a good idea.

Corn protein (feed grade) is a kind of high quality protein additive in feed production.

5. Saccharification Technology in Cassava Processing Plant

The saccharification process is to saccharify amylase in a tank and convert liquid dextrin into depreciated glucose syrup. This process should run for several hours at a given temperature. The process is to get coarse and yellow glucose syrup.

6. Decolorization Technology of Cassava Processing Plant

The decolorization process is to remove the color of glucose syrup with activated carbon. The glucose syrup is pumped into the decolorization tank to achieve the required dehydrogenation and mixed with activated carbon at the appropriate temperature.

7. Decarbonization process in cassava processing plant

The process of decarbonization is to separate activated carbon from glucose syrup by a filter press and obtain clarified glucose syrup.

Glucose syrup will flow into tanks and conveyors for the next step. Residual activated carbon.

8. Ion Exchange Technology in Cassava Syrup Processing Plant

Ion exchange method is to get high quality pure glucose syrup by removing trace impurities and malodor with resin.

Resins need to be cleaned and regenerated by acid and alkali for a period of time.

9. Evaporation Technology of Cassava Syrup Processing Plant

The evaporation process is to evaporate the water in the syrup to increase the DS of the syrup.

In order to produce high-density glucose syrup, multi-effect evaporator and single-effect evaporator are usually needed.

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