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Potato starch processing equipment

Potato starch processing production line

The potato is also called the potato, potato starch production equipment is my company's leading products, the company constantly innovation, in 20 years to learn the advanced experience of foreign imported equipment improved, therefore the small potato starch processing equipment at home in the first column, production line, the purification hydrocyclone airflow collision drying equipment with the national advanced patent, complete sets of production lines, nissan 5 tons. 10 tons of refined starch production line sales ranking first in the country, now has a complete set of production equipment and advanced testing equipment (all big switch equipment to do dynamic balance test,Starch complete sets of equipment products in China is the first to obtain the ISO9001 certification, the company is still trying to produce more advanced production complete sets of equipment.

Advanced potato starch processing equipment and process:

Potato - (cleaning machine) to clean (clean rotor cage), grinding mill (hammer type crusher or file) and plasma slag separation (the pressure screen or centrifugal screen, slag slurry separation screen) - in addition to the sand (desander) - protein fiber separation (disc separator, enrichment purification unit cyclone) to dehydration (centrifuge or vacuum dewatering machine), drying (domestic only for a national patent cryogenic 50 degrees airflow collision starch dryers) - packaging warehousing.If the whole production process adopts the new automatic starch processing production line of sida company in kaifeng city, it only takes 30 minutes from the fresh potato of agricultural products to the finished starch packaging and storage, featuring high quality, high efficiency, energy saving and labor saving.

Potato starch processing and production process

Introduction of main equipment of potato starch processing production line

Starch dryer

Potato starch processing technology three-dimensional diagram

Biwei international inspection, our welders have European welding certificate, we are European process, Asian price.

Part of sida's patent honor

Processing capacity of potato starch processing equipment: 5 tons of potato starch per day, 10 tons of potato starch per day, 20 tons of potato starch per day, 30 tons of potato starch per day, 50 tons of potato starch per day, 100 tons of potato starch processing equipment per day

Service measures

1, the company provides wheat starch processing equipment, sweet potato starch processing equipment, potato starch processing equipment, cassava starch processing equipment, pueraria starch processing equipment plant drawings, infrastructure drawings, installation drawings, process flow chart.

2. Our company is responsible for the preliminary investigation of the production area of equipment, the later installation and debugging, and the training of technical personnel.To help users to provide starch and gluten sales.

3, equipment implementation of three guarantees, warranty period of one year, free maintenance for life, long-term cost price supply spare parts.

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