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Starch Making Machine

Deep processing technology of yams

1. Main equipment

1. Cleaning section: spiral conveying, cleaning and turning dragon, stone removal,

2. Processing section: rotary knife crushing, crushing, pulp and residue separation, sand remover, concentration and refining, vacuum dewatering, etc

3. Drying section: low-temperature air collision drying tower, heat exchanger, air damper, starch screen, etc.

4. Packaging section: automatic packaging machine of 25KG and 50KG.

Auxiliary facilities for automatic sweet potato starch production line

Transformer and distribution process cabinet, water supply system, corresponding warehouse and stacking site, micro powder collection tank, transfer tank, etc

2. Process flow

Fresh potato - washing - crushing - type A filter (filter) - bed cleaning - B type filter () fine filtration, precipitation, fans, molding, cooling, drying, packaging.

3. Operation method.

(1) material selection.Should choose the fresh potato that contains starch high, do not have decay (sweet potato, potato, cassava can wait).General 4 to 5 catties of fresh sweet potato or potato, can process 1 catty white starch, one catty of starch can process 1 catty 1 two to 2 two or so vermicelli.

(2) wash potatoes.1. Cage potato washing machine is used to clean a large amount of silt on the surface of fresh potato.2. Automatic potato feeding and washing machine is used to clean fresh potato surface pits.Also has the peeling effect.

(3) broken.Using high-speed rotating hammer, the crusher bottom use 1.2 steel screen.Crush the fresh potato and proceed to the next step.

(4) filtering.The processing capacity of each set is about 1.5 tons, depending on the production capacity.The separated starch slurry is directly introduced into the sedimentation tank. After separation, the potato residue basically does not contain water.

For example, medium-sized enterprises need 5 filters for 5-6 tons of equipment.Two combination production, a total of two groups.Starch extraction rate is high.The other one is used for grade B fine filtration.

(5) sand removal.Stainless steel material is used for sand removal and impurity removal of starch.

(6) fine filtration.Sand decolorization at this time of starch is coarse starch.Fine filter is needed to improve the quality of starch.

(7) three powder processing can be carried out by precipitation, elimination of acid pulp water and powder rising.Starch can also be sold in dry packaging.

(8) vermicelli forming.Take 100 jins of starch 90 jins of water, into the blender, stir until even lift into filamentous.Then the flour paste into the fan machine into the hopper, open the gate to leak powder, according to the need to cut the length needed.Change different leakage plate can produce thick, thin, wide, narrow different vermicelli, powder.

(9) airing.Will shape the fans in the shade, avoid direct sunlight and wind blowing, so as not to lose water too fast, affect the powder effect.Stand 4-8 hours, vermicelli noodles surface hair hard, can open powder air.

(10) rack to air.The weather is fine and can be dried in half a day.When the vermicelli 7.8 dry that is when the powder.(such as large sales of goods in short supply can also use dry, but increase the cost of processing) (11) packaging.Will fans under the pole, in the indoor booth for 2-4 hours.With the blade knife cut into 30-40 cm long, into plastic bags, sealed, that is, small package of vermicelli.


4. A few points

(1) it is better not to dry the starch after the processing of fresh potato, and directly use wet starch processing to open the powder strips and produce the smooth and transparent surface of the strips.Plan several large capacity starch storage rooms in advance.Introduce the starch and cover with 4-7 cm of water.It doesn't go bad for a long time.

(2) this technology is also suitable for processing starch vermicelli such as banana root, kudzu root and fern root.Only need to add professional cleaning equipment and feeding machinery.

Mechanical starch equipment performance features:

(1) advanced technology, beautiful shape, compact layout;(2) small area;(3). Less labor, low labor intensity, high degree of automation, from digging, washing potatoes, to drying one-stop production;

(4) low energy consumption, water saving, electricity saving, low processing costs;5. High cleaning rate: use potato washing machine to clean, effectively ensure that potato chips do not damage, dian powder does not lose;6. High starch quality, up to the national edible standards, for many times sand removal, filtration;7. Multifunctional, can be applied to: potato, sweet potato, musa taro, cassava, kudzu root, lotus root and other starch production;Today. Stable performance, simple operation and maintenance.

Potato (mainly refers to potato, sweet potato, cassava, tuber, musa taro, lotus root, kudzu root, yam, lily) starch content is high, high yield, low price, rich resources, easy storage and processing.The utilization value of by-products is high, so potato is the production raw material widely used in starch industry.

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