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Solution of Cassava into starch processing machinery

Cassava starch processing can be done by industrial scale production line, which offer new opportunities for the application of cassava starch in high-end foods.

Henan SIDA Mechanical Equipment Co.,Ltd as the professional cassava starch production machine supplier, we can provide you some advice. There are some main procedure and notice for cassava starch production process:

 Cassava starch production process.jpg

Cassava starch production process

1. All stalks must be removed from cassava roots. 


2. Washing the cassava thoroughly. The soil and dirt remained in the washing station yield will be removed.


3. Rasping section in cassava starch production process

First step starch extraction in cassava starch processing is rasping, which can open all tuber cells and release all the starch granules. Slurry obtained is mixture of pulp (cell walls), fruit juice, and starch. With modern high-speed rasping machine, rasping is a one-pass operation only. 

Cassava starch production process machine.jpg

Cassava starch production process machine

4. Extraction section of cassava starch production process

For separating starch granules from the cells, powerful flushing will take place in closed rotary conical sieving machine to flushed out starch and leave the fruit juice.  The sieve plates have long perforations that are only 125 microns across. It is a counter current process followed by a fine fiber washing on conical sieves also. 

5. Concentrating crude statch slurry 

With the pressure sieve, slurry will be continuously sprayed on the arc-shaped sieve plate through the pump nozzle. Residue will be separated thoroughly with starch.

6. Refining section --Hydrocyclones

The starch slurry is diluted and concentrated again and again by hydro cyclone to reduce fiber and juice to low levels with a minimum of fresh water. 

Refining is based on the differences in weight density between water, fibers, and starch:  

Refining is based on the differences in weight density between water, fibers, and starch.jpg

7. Desander

Remove the sand remained from refined starch pulp.


8. Dewatering section -- Vacuum dehydrator

Starch pulp will be load from the tank at bottom, then water in pulp will be suck away by vacuum machine. Starch attached on surface of the drum will be unloaded by blade. This kind of method is widely used in starch processing. After this processing, moisture of the starch will be about 38%.

9. Drying and sifting 

The moist dewatered starch will be dried in a flash dryer with hot air. Temperature of the inlet air will be controlled by heating boiler. After this process, moisture of cassava starch is normally 12-13%.


As the professional cassava starch production machine supplier in China,Henan SIDA Co can design cassava starch production process for you.

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