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Cassava starch industry for modified starch processing

Cassava starch industry for modified starch processing

1. Development status

In the past decade, the world's production of modified starch has grown rapidly. The current annual output has reached 7 million tons, including: about 3.5 million tons in the United States, with the world's largest modified starch enterprise; more than 2 million tons in the EU; 300,000 tons in Japan, Thailand 450,000 tons; China 400,000 tons. There are more than 30 application fields of modified starch, among which the paper industry, textiles, food and other industrial sectors use the largest amount.

As a raw material of modified starch, cassava starch has the characteristics of low price, low non-starch impurity content, high viscosity, low gelatinization temperature, stable and transparent paste liquid, good film formation and strong permeability, so the price and quality of cassava modified starch both sides are high competitive.

2. Development trend of production technology

① New processing technology is continuously developed

In addition to humidity, dry method, and pre-gelatinization, extrusion processing technology of modified starch has been developed, and infrared irradiation processing technology and microwave irradiation processing technology are being researched and developed.

② Varieties develop in the direction of diversification, serialization and specialization

Such as paper-making modified starch series, and even coating series, surface sizing series. One example is that the same variety produced by a foreign modified starch company has a variety of grades, and the product has a strong specificity. Even the same variety, different substituents, different degrees of substitution, different viscosities, different pH values, have different application effects, and are suitable for different application purposes and conditions.

③ Constantly open up new application areas

There are more than 30 application fields of modified starch in the world. In addition to the industrial sectors such as paper, textile, food, medicine, aquatic feed, building materials, casting, etc., it is still in the industrial sectors of petroleum, mining, coal, ceramics, daily necessities, cosmetics, etc. And the expansion of the agriculture and forestry sectors. Gradually develop varieties of modified starch that meet the actual needs, such as developing modified starch suitable for grass fiber and recycled fiber papermaking. Develop oils suitable for deep wells (greater than 4,500 m), high temperature resistant (150-180 ° C or higher), salt-tolerant (NaCl to saturated), calcium or magnesium-resistant tackifiers, fluid loss additives, etc. Modified starch products for drilling. Considering the trend of increasing hypertension, hyperlipidemia and diabetes in the world, the development of edible modified starch should cater to the needs of this era, develop fat substitutes and sugar metabolism substitutes that have both energy and nutrition without affecting blood sugar. There are also superabsorbent resins, starch plastics, and the like.

The cassava starch industry is a large product group that includes cassava planting, cassava starch processing and alcohol deep processing. This product group has as many as 3,000 products, which involve various fields of life. The real market and potential market are huge and have broad development prospects. At present, some multinational companies with starch and its derivatives as the main products in the world have annual sales of more than billions of dollars.

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