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Production technology of potato starch

Potato, also known as potato, is a common crop in our life. In our family, we usually make potatoes as our daily food, but in many large potatoes, they are generally processed into starch potatoes for use by the people. What is the process of potato processing into starch? Kaifeng Sita potato starch processing equipment Co., Ltd.

The production process of potato starch is basically similar to that of sweet potato, as follows:

1. Cleaning process and equipment

The main material is to remove the surface layer with sediment and wash the surface of the material tuber. The stone washing machine is to remove the hard impurities in the material. As the raw material of starch cleaning production, the quality of starch foundation is better and the quality of starch is better. Conveying is to transfer the materials to the next process, often conveying also has cleaning function. Common transportation, cleaning and stone removing equipment include: Hydraulic launder, screw cleaner, inclined cage cleaner, paddle cleaner, stone on material cleaner, (flat) squirrel cage cleaner, drum cleaner, scraper conveyor, etc. According to the characteristics of soil and materials, some of them can be combined to meet the requirements of high-definition cleanliness and convenient transportation.

2. Raw material crushing and equipment

The purpose of crushing is to destroy the structure of the material so that small starch particles can be successfully separated from the root block. The crushing requirements are:

1. Break the cells of the material as much as possible and release more free starch granules;

2. Easy to separate. It is predicted that the residue is not too fine, which is not conducive to the separation of starch and other components, and also increases the difficulty of the separation of fine residue.

3. Screening process and equipment

Starch extraction, also known as size separation or separation, is the key link in starch processing, which directly affects the extraction rate and quality of starch. The volume of the comminuted material is larger than that of the starch granules, the expansion coefficient is also larger than that of the starch granules, and the specific gravity is lighter than that of the starch granules.

4. Washing process and equipment

Starch washing and concentration are completed by starch cyclone separator, which is divided into concentration cyclone separator and refining washing cyclone separator. After screening, starch slurry is first concentrated through cyclone separator. The bottom fluid enters into washing and purifying cyclone separator. The equipment is equipped with a full set of automatic control system, and a high quality cyclone tube is used to optimize the drainage scheme, so that the final stage cyclone can remove starch emulsion to 23Be', which is an ideal choice for the powder cleaning equipment.

5. Starch dehydration

Vacuum filter and dehydrator are often used for potato starch. It can realize automatic feeding, automatic dehydration and automatic cleaning.

6. Starch drying

In the process of air drying, it has the characteristics of high heat transfer coefficient, large heat transfer area and short drying time.

7. Starch cooling and screening packaging

In order to ensure the viscosity of starch, it is necessary to cool the starch quickly after drying. Put the starch into the finished product screen after cooling to ensure the fineness of the product and the output into the final packaging process.

The above is the process of making potato starch. Kaifeng is a professional potato starch processing equipment manufacturer with more than 20 years of experience. If you need this, please contact us

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