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Precautions for Use of Automatic Cassava Starch Equipment

It is well known that almost every family uses starch for cooking meals, which requires enterprises to produce starch in large quantities.  Now it is an era of industrialization. Most of the repetitive and complicated work has also been operated by machines. Starch processing equipment with good quality and low price comes into being at this time.  When enterprises use cassava starch processing equipment to manufacture starch, they need to pay attention to the following points in order to confirm the smooth production process and ensure the product quality.

Cassava starch equipment

1. Preliminary preparation

A good start is half the battle. Before preparing to start starch processing equipment, enterprises need to conduct detailed inspection and trial of cassava starch processing equipment and raw materials.  On the one hand, check whether all functions of starch processing equipment are normal; on the other hand, a small amount of raw materials can be put in first to start the equipment for trial operation, so as to avoid not only stopping production but also losing a large amount of raw materials after equipment problems occur.

2. Medium-term monitoring

When cassava starch processing equipment starts to operate after being checked and found to be correct, it is also necessary to monitor its operation status and raw material ratio in real time.  It is inevitable that the machine will jam during long-term operation. Real-time monitoring can solve this problem in the first place and ensure the continuous and good operation of the equipment.  The ratio of raw materials determines the taste and taste of the product, and is more directly related to the consumer's approval of the product. Therefore, the ratio of raw materials should be monitored in real time to improve the quality of the product.

3. Post-cleaning

After cassava starch processing equipment is used, plant component residues need to be cleaned in time.  As food-grade equipment in the food field, it must strictly abide by the relevant laws and regulations on the rigid requirement of equipment hygiene conditions. Plant residues and liquids generated in the production process are extremely easy to cause damage to the processing equipment. In the production line, a problem with one component will lead to the failure of normal production of all equipment. Therefore, it is particularly important to carefully clean the production equipment. When necessary, relevant disinfection and sterilization work shall be carried out to maintain good hygiene conditions.

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