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Features of Full Automatic vermicelli Machine Production Line

Features of Full Automatic vermicelli Machine Production Line;

First, the degree of automation is high

Kaifeng Sida full-automatic vermicelli production line is a subversive upgrade to the traditional process of vermicelli processing. The whole production line is equipped with a frequency conversion speed regulation system to adjust the temperature, speed, pressure and other parameters of each section at any time. The whole process flow is completed automatically by a numerical control computer equipped with an intelligent control system. The efficiency is higher and the stability of the final product quality is ensured.

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Two, modular design, one machine can do more

The production line can produce different products, such as potato crystal vermicelli, sweet potato gold vermicelli, instant vermicelli, etc. by adding or removing different equipment.  Space requirements are freer, assembly and disassembly are faster, and maintenance is more convenient.

Three, low energy consumption, high production capacity

By adjusting the equipment structure, the energy consumption is greatly reduced, the output is increased by more than 30%, and the user benefit is effectively increased.  The production line controls the parameters of each link, reasonably collocates, fully reuses energy, has remarkable energy-saving effect, reduces production cost and improves product competitiveness.

4. Excellent product quality

 Kaifeng Sida full-automatic vermicelli production line does not use any food additives, bleaching agents, preservatives, etc., thus realizing the standardization of product quality.

 The contact part between the whole machine and the materials is made of SUS304 stainless steel, which pollutes the external environment and is easier to clean at the same time.

 Product quality, various microorganisms and physical and chemical indexes all meet the requirements of national standards, thus realizing product safety standardization.

Five, the basic investment is less, cost-effective higher

The production line does not need a pressure boiler, so the investment is reduced, the operation is convenient, and the labor is saved.

VI. Technical Support

The factory has its own scientific research laboratory, and all equipment has been put on the market after hundreds of trial operations and debugging to ensure no defects and no defects.

Low selection of high-quality technical workers on the production line, will reduce human hidden dangers;

Strengthen the quality inspection of equipment, tracking and inspecting the whole process from material purchase to finished product assembly to ensure the product quality.

Constant temperature and powder

Constant temperature and powder, bionic double helix and pulp, starch pulp is more uniform.

Vacuum lift

Vacuum suction, lifting transmission, saving power, and bubbles generated in the pulp process, increasing vermicelli toughness and brightness.

Three-step isobaric roller type pulp distribution process

To ensure the evenness of the flour belt: adjust the main parameters such as starch concentration, flour belt thickness, flour belt rotation speed, etc. according to requirements.

High temperature setting

The instant high-temperature steam is used for curing and forming, and the curing is sufficient.

Cryogenic cooling detachment

The cold water tank cools, reduces vermicelli adhesion, and improves yield.

Scientific Configuration of Aging System

The 100m S-shaped conveyor belt is naturally precooled and aged at low temperature to ensure the quality of powder products.

New drying technology of vermicelli

 Long tunnel drying room, simulating natural environment conditions;

 Set temperature and humidity in sections and control them;

 Dry slowly for a long time to improve drying efficiency and product quality;

 High-tech air energy+electromagnetic energy, energy saving and environmental protection;

 Fully automatic operation, reducing labor cost and easy operation;

 The product has stable quality and good taste.

Cutting and forming

High-precision stainless steel cutter can adjust the size according to the requirements to make different types of vermicelli. The vermicelli strips are regular and uniform, and can be directly packaged/dried/hung.

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