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Cassava starch processing knowledge article

Cassava starch processing knowledge article: cassava is native to Brazil, the world has a pilot plant, tropical and subtropical regions grow more commonly, at home to plant for processing, guangxi, yunnan, guangdong, Hong Kong and cassava area yield is high, the starch content is much higher than general potato, starch viscosity more tensile strength is strong, for the production of industrial ingredients and vermicelli into two sales channels, using for manufacturing starch cassava starch most domestic enterprises, cassava starch market changes along with the market demand rate, lower prices of cassava starch is a year 5-8 month, April 9 - prices are relatively high.In recent years, the floating price is between 2800 and 3800. Generally, domestic applications of cassava starch are mainly from guangxi, Vietnam, Thailand, etc. With the assistance of China in Africa, the low-price and high-quality starch will continuously enter Chinese ports.

Trade article: China's trade, the products made in China all over the world search for the manufacture of all kinds of the products they need, cassava starch processing equipment is not exceptional also, in recent years, many capital cities in China in foreign trading companies that sell cassava starch processing equipment, many abroad to purchase order of cassava starch processing equipment, "mediation" to all the outside sales trading company, many salespeople don't understand this process, my simple introduction.

Buy equipment contact foreign trade companies mostly in Africa, southeast Asia countries generally is directly to bypass for the trading company, their business is not good), we first need to determine what is customer processing cassava end products, we have three types of approximate contact, the first kind of potato of cassava or cassava bread flour, the technological process for peeling, cutting off - cleaning - feeding - crushing - dehydration, drying, surface with a layer of toxin, the epidermis to wood both.This process is generally translated as "tapioca powder" or "bread powder" after African orders. This is not starch processing, but the product can be understood as whole powder or flour.Second front-end process flow has been roughly cassava starch processing equipment, belt conveyor - peeling - cleaning - belt conveyor - thick - fine breaking - slag slurry separation - secondary separation - sand - refining - protein separation, dehydration and drying, first to explain in detail the process why match, the first belt scraper conveyor cassava root block size, growth cylinder, such as screw conveyor can't set the maximum size, the name of the second peeling, material in the first link in the processing to the peeling machine as the drum rotating friction sundry, dirt, skin will fall off,Peeling after cassava cassava after a cleaning ensure peeling surface adhesion layer of debris from the clean, by the conveyor belt conveyor to coarse broken inside the machine, the size is not consistent with the cassava, broken into small blocks, and then into secondary fine broken, shattered screen 0.8 2.0 mm, 2 shredded potato slag fineness as sawdust, starch and potato slag is mixed state at this moment, need to enter the slurry separation part within the separator after the separation of a refine starches, starch emulsion after enter the desander further purification group into the hydrocyclone protein isolates and impurities in the material, to the basic forming part of the starch,The purified starch is introduced into the dehydrator for dehydration, and the dehydrated starch contains 35-42% tax. The dry humidity can be dispersed by hand into the drying equipment to dry. The drying outlet is equipped with a fine powder screen.

Seek information to determine customer q&a: first, the customer's end products is cassava starch and cassava powder, all have in determining customer capacity such as processing raw material per hour 3 tons, 5 tons, 8 tons, 10 tons, 15 tons capacity (our factory equipment specifications, the processing quantity of raw materials) per hour, second look at customer's requirements of material is carbon steel stainless steel material, detailed quotation can consult our customer service personnel.

Process equipment: belt conveyor, dehydrator, cage cleaning machine, automatic feeding machine, coarse crusher, secondary crusher, cylinder separation screen, cone screen, desander, cyclone group, dehydrator, dryer, transit tank, etc

Operation flow: feeding lifting - primary cleaning - secondary cleaning - primary crushing - secondary crushing - slurry separation - secondary separation - sand removal - slurry secondary separation - cyclone washing - dehydration - air drying:

Capacity design: 2-3t/h 3-5t/h 5-7t/h 8-10t/h 15t/h 20t/h(capacity of processing raw materials per hour, large quantity can be customized)

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