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Cassava starch processing equipment process flow

Kaifeng sida tapioca starch equipment factory specializes in the production of tapioca starch production line and tapioca starch processing equipment.

Cassava starch processing equipment process flow: main technical process description

This production line USES fresh cassava as raw material to produce cassava starch that meets the requirements.


The first is conveyor cleaning

Fresh cassava collected on the ground in the material yard is transported to the descaling and mud removing machine by a belt conveyor. In the descaling and mud removing machine, the skin of cassava and the soil and sundries in it are preliminarily removed through the kneading and grinding of the bar, and then entered the washing process.After two cleaning of groove type and roller, the debris such as mud and sand on the surface of cassava has been basically removed, and the peeling rate can reach about 80%. After cleaning, cassava enters the crushing process.

The second is fragmentation

The cleaned cassava is crushed by the flying hammer cassava shredder, whose function is to destroy the structure of cassava, so that the tiny starch particles can be disintegrated and separated from the cassava root.With water as the medium, after two crushing, cassava

The pulp is beaten and the starch pulp is broken once through the sieve hole of 6 ~ 8mm.The secondary broken starch pulp passes through the sieve hole of 1.2-1.4mm.Starch has been basically dissociated, become slurry mixture, through the pump into the vertical screen for separation.

The third is screening

The pulp and slag mixture is separated by four vertical pulp and slag separator, and the separated cassava waste slag is transported to the slag field. The refined starch milk has reached the finished product standard in terms of thickness, but there are still organic and inorganic impurities such as protein and mud sand, which need to be processed in the next process.

The fourth separation and concentration section

Starch milk through the starch pump into the desander to remove mud sand and other inorganic impurities, into the first disc separator, and then into the second disc separator, the first main function is to remove protein, the second is mainly concentrated to achieve the requirements of dehydration.After the above process, starch milk basically meet the requirements of finished products, the following is the dehydration, drying section.

Dewatering section 5

Disc separator out of the starch milk concentration is generally in 18 ~ 20?Be, after the treatment of centrifugal dehydrator, the water content of starch decreased from 60% to 38 ~ 40%, the water of the dehydrator (about 1 ~ 5% starch) continued to return to the disc separator for concentration, and the wet starch was sent to the air dryer for processing through the screw conveyor.

The sixth drying, screening section

The air dryer USES saturated steam to heat the air through the heat sink, and the starch is heated by the hot air to achieve the purpose of drying. The whole system is in the state of negative pressure, without dust and energy saving.The moisture content of starch after air drying is between 12 ~ 14%, reaching the standard of finished product.In order to ensure the fineness of the finished product to meet the standard, but also through the finished product inspection screen to prevent the starch in the drying process agglomerate, so as to ensure the final product to meet the standard.

The seventh finished product packaging section

The starch has reached the requirements of finished products after passing through the inspection screen of finished products. The final packaging of finished products is completed through measurement and packaging, which can be packed into 25Kg or 50Kg according to the requirements.

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