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Cassava starch processing machine in starch production line

The entire cassava starch processing line includes the following section: 
Raw material transportation-cleaning-washing-grating-starch and residue separation-starch slurry desanding-enrichment and purification-dewatering-starch drying and packing


1. Cleaning & washing machine:

a. Dyr sieve for cassava cleaning: Dry sieve is the widely used cassava starch processing machine for cleaning process. It has the function of cleaning and transportation of cassava. And the main features of dry sieve is simple structure, reasonable speed and no damage to material.

b. Paddle washing machine for cassava washing: This cassava starch processing machine here serves to remove the outer skin of the root as well as the adhering dirt. It features with large capacity, low water consumption and good washing effect.


Cassava cleaner and washer

2. Cassava grating
In cassava starch processing line, it is necessary to rupture all cell walls in order to release the starch granules. This is the most important procedure for it determines the starch yield. In view of this result, it is important to choose high efficient grating machine. DOING rasper is such a cassava starch processing machine introduces Germany Optibelt and Sweden SKF bearing, with a breaking rate of more than 94%.



3. Starch and residue separation
a. fiber separation: Another main factor which influence the extraction rate in the starch and residue separation. The centrifuge sieve and fine fiber sieve are cassava starch processing machines adopted for this process. And the high efficiency of these machine makes it feasible to utilize high quality sieve plates made of stainless steel, which will withstand abrasion and CIP-chemicals.

b.sand removal : The specific gravity of mud and sand is greater than that of water, and is also larger than that of starch granules. Hence the separation of sand out of starch slurry by gravity separation is effective. Desander cyclone is a cassava starch processing machine serves for this purpose.


Centrifugal sieve

c. Protein, fat, etc separation:The enrichment and purification process in cassava starch processing line is mainly used to remove a small amount of insoluble protein, residue soluble protein and other mineral remain in the starch milk. At present, multi-stage hydrocyclone station is the cassava starch processing machine used to achieve the concentration, refining and recycling of starch.

3. Starch milk dewatering
The dewatering unit is for decreasing the water content of starch milk in cassava starch production process. After being treated by the peeler centrifuge, the water content of the starch is reduced from 60% to 38-40%.

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Flash dryer

4. Starch drying and packing
Flash dryer is a cassava starch processing machine used for drying the wet material with high speed hot air. It adopts the principle of instantaneous drying, the whole system is under negative pressure, no dust, energy saving. The water content of the starch after air drying is between 12-14%, reaching the standard of the finished product. Then the produced starch is packed for storage.


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