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Cassava processing methods

Cassava has a wide range of industrial uses. The primary cassava processing methods are cassava granules, dried cassava chips and cassava starch processing. Cassava granules can be used as animal feed. Dried cassava chips can be used as raw materials for the production of industrial alcohol, acid vinegar, citric acid and ethyl acid. Cassava starch can be used as an important raw material for industrial products such as food, beverage, pharmaceutical, cosmetics, glue, textile, paper, paint, dye, plywood, sugar, monosodium glutamate, and bactericidal drugs. In addition, the tender stems and leaves of cassava can also raise animals such as poultry, livestock, fish, and silkworms.

cassava production machines

Main cassava processing methods

In Nigeria, Ghana, Tanzania, Niger and other countries, cassava is also widely used in cassava flour and garri processing, or further processing garri into fufu as a daily diet. The most popular cassava processing methods products currently on the international market are undoubtedly cassava starch and dried cassava chips. These two cassava processing methods are an important basis for industrial product processing. As a professional cassava processing machine manufacturer and supplier, kaifeng sida  Company can provide you with various cassava processing machines. Now, kaifeng sida company has completed several cassava starch processing plant, cassava flour processing plant in Nigeria, Ghana, Tanzania, Indonesia, South Africa and other countries and regions. kaifeng sida garri processing equipment or stand-alone machines such as garri fryer are very popular. Recently, customers from Australia have ordered two sets of garri processing machines from kaifeng sida  factory, intending to install them in Nigeria as one of his Investment, on the other hand, the cassava chips processing machine from kaifeng sida  company is also well received. Next is the introduction of the cassava processing methods mainly provided by kaifeng sida  Company:

cassava starch production line

Cassava starch production process and machines from kaifeng sida  Company

1. Cassava starch processing method:

Fresh cassava harvest - cleaning and washing - cutting and crushing - separation - fine filtration - desanding - concentration&refinery - dehydration - drying - sieving and packing.

2. Cassava flour processing method:

Cassava harvest - cleaning and washing - crushing - desanding - press dewatering - drying - sieving and packing.

Complete cassava flour processing line

3. Cassava processing method for garri production:

Cassava cleaning and peeling - grinding - fermentation - press dewatering - frying - sieving and packing.

4. Cassava chips processing method:

Cassava cleaning and peeling - chipping - drying - packing. By the way, if you just want to produce brown cassava chips with peel, just one set of cassava chipping machine can meet your requests, for the drying process, you can choose to buykaifeng sida  Company cassava chips drying machine or drying by sun.

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