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New Designed Starch Processing Line

Cassava starch processing machine manufactured by kaifeng sida Company running successfully in domestic customer's factory which features with reasonable design and long service life, large handling capacity and high efficient, low power and water consumption, easy for installation and maintenance.

cassava starch processing machine

Cassava starch processing machine

Here are the detail introduction of cassava starch processing machine

1.Cassava cleaning  and washing machine

The fresh cassava is firstly delivered  to dry sieve so as to clean the sediments and foreign matters attached on cassava. This cassava starch processing machine features with large capacity and easy maintenance. Then through a paddle washing machine, material is further washed away the dirt, soil, sand and other impurities. Adopted with countercurrent method, this machine features with good washing effect and low material breaking rate.

cassava starch processing machine

Cassava cleaning machine

2. Cassava crushing machine

Crushing machine serves to crush cassava into slurry so as to release starch from cell of cassava. The more starch obtained, the high starch yield. Therefore it need a high efficient cassava starch processing machine for crushing.kaifeng sida rapser introduce international technology which improve the cassava breaking rate to 95%.

cassava starch processing machine

Cassava crushing machine


3.Starch slurry separating machine

The crashed material is sent to centrifugal sieve through pump to extract starch and separate cassava residues. The whole stage adopts countercurrent washing to get the best results and saving water. And the automatic washing system is designed in front and back of this cassava starch processing machine to ensure good penetration of screen. Fine fiber sieve s also used for separating which has the features of high starch extraction rate and low power consumption.

cassava starch processing machine

Cassava starch separation machine

4. Starch slurry refining hydrocyclone

 Starch slurry reaches starch hydrocyclone group to refine starch. kaifeng  sida  adopts18 stages hydrocyclone station for concentration, refining, washing and recovering cassava starch. This cassava starch processing machine is made from strengthened nylon which is sturdy and durable.

5. Cassava starch dehydration machine

Compared with other starch, peeler centrifuge is a cassava starch processing machine more suitable for cassava starch to. The siphon type peeler centrifuge can not only increase production capacity by 50% but also reduce moisture content to 36.5%.

cassava starch processing machine

Cassava starch refining machine


6. Cassava starch drying machine

The cassava starch processing machine for drying is flash dryer. The technical parameters of this machine is controlled  through theoretical calculation, so that the starch quality can be guaranteed.  Besides, this flash dryer is made of stainless steel which can effectively high standards of the final starch.

cassava starch processing machine

Cassava starch drying machine

7. Starch sieving and packing machine

Dried starch reaches sieving system. High efficiency cooling starch sifter is used to cool starch and get the best starch viscosity. And then sieved starch is packed by automatic packing machine for storage. 

cassava starch processing machine

Automatic control cabinet

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