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Cassava starch equipment production process

          Cassava selected to weighing conveyor, transportation to turn cage cleaning, cleaning cleaning to coarse crushing, coarse grinding - pressure curved sieve - five times of fine crushing and secondary to screen to desander, curved screen carefully to rotating filter, two disc separation to mention white, rotating filter - cyclone washing refining - dehydration to air dryers, finished product packaging.


Ii. Operation method (partial process and operation introduction)

1. Selected ingredients:

The quality of starch, and the selection of raw materials have a greater relationship, less than 10 months of cassava powder yield is low, more than 24 months of old cassava has been quality, to break, crush caused greater difficulties, make the rate of decline cost increase, all affect economic benefits, the step must be good raw material warehousing.

2. Cleaning and conveying:

The purpose of cleaning is to go to arenaceous, go to earth, peel, reduce starch ash, also facilitate the work of next working procedure.At the same time of cleaning, so feeding uniform, too much rotating cage without space, cassava can not roll, can not reach the purpose of peeling and cleaning.Too little to produce.The operator should also pay attention to the water pressure, the water pressure is too low to take away the sediment, the general water pressure is not less than 0.25Mpa, always pay attention to the operation of the cage and conveyor, can not form raw materials in the process of overstocking.The machine usually works seven days to lubricate it.

3. The broken:

Because the cassava root is very long and has become lignified near the main stem, it cannot be crushed without being crushed.The purpose of crushing is to ensure the normal operation of the crusher.Some factories have no crushing process to increase the load of the mill, reduce the service life.The second is to fully improve the yield and quality of starch, improve the yield of starch.

When operating, pay attention to observe the motor temperature and machine sound, sound suddenly reduced, indicating that the crusher memory material is too much, at this time should reduce the amount of feed.Add an appropriate amount of return water, less can not take away the broken materials, more caused waste.In addition, we should master the tightness of the triangle belt, the triangle belt is too loose, reduce the crusher efficiency, too tight make the motor load increase, damage the motor shaft, so operators should concentrate on, can not leave the post, strict operation rules.The quality of crushing directly affects the output of the shift and the next process.The diameter of crushing block is generally 1cm.

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