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Cassava processing plant cassava production factory design

The cassava process plant for starch extraction include the cassava from cleaning to get cassava starch products. Following is the introduction of the cassava starch production process technology instruction from sida Company:

The main machine in cassava starch processing factory include the dry sieve, paddle washer, cassava cutting machine, rasper, centrifuge sieve, fine fiber sieve, disc seperator, hydrocyclone, peeler centrifuge, flash dryer, cassava starch sieving machine and automatic packing machine.

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Following is our cassava starch production process introduction from sida Company:

1.Cleaning and delivery:

After weighting, cassava storage in the special area, then delivery by the conveyor to cleaning section. The storage area could put cassavas quantity can meet one hour production requests at less.

2.Desanding and cleaning process during cassava starch production line:

First use dry sieve to remove sand and other impurities, then cleaning by our rotary drum washer to completely remove the dirt in cassava surface. Use two cleaning grade,water can recycling use.

3.Cassava crushing

sida Company newest rasper equipped with advanced technology, the crushing performance decided the starch extraction rate of cassava starch production process, our rasper can make the starch extraction rate to be more than 94%. Made the cassava starch production line highest ecnomic benefit.

4.Grit removal process:

The grit removal process during cassava starch production line, its function is remove the little inpurity particles to get a cleaning starch slurry.

5.Fibre filtering and seperating:

After grit removal, the starch slurry also contain the fibres,fat and proteins, this process in cassava starch factory is used to remove the fibres from starch slurry.

6.Purification process:

Adopt 13 grade hydrocyclone system, make sure the fat and proteins removed completely from starch slurry,this guarantee the starch products quality of this cassava starch production line, ensure the starch meet all standards, after this process, we can get pure starch slurry.

7.Starch slurry dewater:

After purification process, starch slurry still high water content, can’t send to the final air drying,so need this dewater process, after this, make the starch water content less than 40%. As your different requests, we suggest you suitable dewater machine, usually choose the vacuum filter for the dewater process during cassava starch production process.

8.Starch air drying:

Air drying for starch is the best method, keep starch color white, and quickly drying,make sure starch water content reach to 12%-14%, meet the first class standards.

Among is the cassava starch production process introduction. sida Company offer this answer, and we can install the cassava starch factory for you.

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