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Kaifeng sida teaches you to know kudzu processing equipment

Kaifeng sida teaches you to know kudzu

Kudzu for many of us are very strange, is rarely seen, today's kaifeng sida xiaobian teach you to know what is kudzu, kudzu in the end what it looks like?

Kudzu root, traditional Chinese medicine.The dried root of the leguminous plant kudzu, commonly known as kudzu.Autumn, winter mining, while fresh cut into thick pieces or small pieces;Dry.Gan, xin, liang.It has the effects of relieving muscle fever, diaphanous rash, producing fluid to quench thirst, and ascending Yang to stop diarrhea.It is often used to show symptoms of fever, severe pain in the neck, lack of measles, fever and thirst, Yin deficiency to quench thirst, heat diarrhea, diarrhea with spleen deficiency.

Perennial vine, 10 m long, covered with russet shaggy hairs.Root thickening.Leaves alternate;With a long handle;Petiole 3-compound, apically lobule longer, leaf blade rhomboid orbicular, sometimes 3-lobed lobed, 8 ~ 19 cm long, 6.5 ~ 18 cm wide, apex acute, base rounded, both surfaces white, pubescent below;Lateral lobules smaller, elliptic or rhomboid elliptic, sometimes with 2 ~ 3 lobed lobes.Racemes axillary, pedicels densely covered with yellow-white tomentose;Flowers densely;Bracts narrowly linear, caducous, bracteoles linear-lanceolate;Butterfly flowers blue-purple or purple, 15 ~ 19 cm long;Calyx 5-dentate lobed, calyx teeth lanceolate;Flag nearly round or ovoid, apex slightly concave, base with two short ears, pterygote narrowly elliptic, shorter than the flag, usually only one side of the base with ears, keel longer than the pterygote;Stamens 10, disomy (9+1);Ovary linear, style curving.Pod linear, flat, 6 ~ 9 cm long, 7 ~ 10 mm wide, densely covered with yellowish-brown long bristles.Seeds ovoid and flat, russet, shiny.Flowering period: April to August.The fruiting period is from August to October.

Above is a brief introduction of kudzu. If you want to know more about kudzu, please follow the latest development of our kaifeng sida.Or you produce kudzu, want to be processed into starch kudzu, welcome to consult us.

Sida pueraria starch production line adopts the wet processing technology of starch production without any additives. The whole process is mature in technology, advanced in equipment, scientific in configuration and reasonable in technology.The process flow of starch production is designed according to seven sections: cleaning - crushing, screening, sand removal, concentration and refining, dehydration and drying.Especially pulp and screener sida equipment company of national patent products - crushing and fine crushing two-way process, through crushing thoroughly, starch free radical, flour extraction rate is high, the unique technology of multistage crush, multi-stage filtration cycle in turn, crushing the filtered ge residue in silk hair, with a low energy consumption, high extraction yield and starch quality advantages, improves the production efficiency of production line and starch extraction yield.

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